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momohana, 19, quebec.
I've been collecting dolls since 2009, and am now the proud owner of 6 pullips. This blog is about dolls (mainly jun planning/groove ones) but I also post about BJDs, blythes and MH. I love making friends, so feel free to send me cute messages ! xxx

So yeaaaah heellloo ! 
I promised I’d post pictures and I almost forgot so here I am. xD

I received this cutie on Valentines Day ! I finally decided to buy her for many reasons, first one being that Prupate is one of the few dolls that have both a faceup and an outfit that please me. She was a little expensive though ( if compared to other releases) but since she has been sold out for a while now, I think it is just normal that her price went up. I have no regrets haha

She is super pretty ! I can’t find her a name, though. I thought about calling her Viper, but then I feel like it’s not that cute. I thought about Chartreuse too, but yea… still unsure about that.  

I was a little sad though because when I got her out of her boxes, her “wand” or something fell off. Well it just lacked glue I guess but anyways. Also, her right hand broke while she was still in her box haha ! I glued both today. Her hand keeps falling though. Oh well, I’ll just buy her an obitsu faster, thats all ! 

I hope you like her ! I’ll post more decent pictures later. I was a little too excited to mind taking great pictures while unboxing her haha

Kisses xx

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