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momohana, 19, quebec.
I've been collecting dolls since 2009, and am now the proud owner of 6 pullips. This blog is about dolls (mainly jun planning/groove ones) but I also post about BJDs, blythes and MH. I love making friends, so feel free to send me cute messages ! xxx

Chise by Lyra_malk on Flickr.

Chise by Lyra_malk on Flickr.


A Taste of Autumn by Pink❤Haired❤Freak(◕‿◕✿)


Se supone que Thalassa, mi Pullip Merl Nostalgia, es una selkie, así que le cambié los ojos para que se viera más como una criatura sobrenatural. Elegí estos ojos de SAEYECHIP porque me hacen pensar en el fondo del mar.

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Thalassa, my Pullip Merl Nostalgia, is supposed to be a selkie, so I changed her eyes so she would look more like a supernatural creature. I chose this eyechips by SAEYECHIP because they remind me of the bottom of the sea.